Branding 101 Workshop Replay




Missed our Branding 101 Workshop? Don't worry, we got you! Here's the replay for you.

About the workshop:

We tend to dive into idea upon idea during the early-stage of our business. A lot of the time we mistakenly think of our logo as our brand. We forget that branding is a whole system that help the brand define who and what’s it is all about, its character and so much more. Another way to look at is, if you think of the business as the strategy around making something of value that people want to buy, branding is the whole package to help people identify what it looks, feels, and sounds like. Your brand is the representation of the idea and who you are as a business. You’d want it to convey a sense of who you are , what you do, and, most of all, you want it to be seen by the right people. This session will help you dive deep into your brand and your brand design strategy so that it’s done right.

Ideal participants:

Entrepreneurs or business owners who are in their second year of business. They realize that their current branding has no harmony and consistency, nor does it represent their current vision, mission, and goal of the business. They're looking to learn more about understanding what's needed to up-level their branding before making the investment to hire a strategist/designer/marketing agency.


  • Understand your business’ key values, brand attributes and general brand voice
  • Learn how to position your brand
  • Get a clarity on your brand persona(s), their pain point, and how you can solve the problem
  • Identifying your brand objectives
  • Strategies on building brand through visual design